J.J. Slammin'


How long have you been skating? 
     I've been on skates since I was a teen, every weekend down at the skaterink.  But then of course life happened and 'adulthood' came.  Then I found Roller Derby...and I've been with the Betties for about a year an half.
How did you discover Roller Derby?
     Twista Halo came into my office and was small talking with me, then she told me about Derby and how AWESOME it was and how I'd probably really like it.  So I thought...sure I'll give it a try.
List your most notable derby injuries?
     First bout of my first season (May 2014), it was a mixer...8 minutes in...I broke my ankle!  I walked on it for a week saying "it's just a sprain."  My husband finally made me go get it looked at the following Friday and yep, broken.  Was out for the rest of the season, but back on skates in September. Maybe I'm crazy...but I love derby!
How did you select your derby name and number?
     My number was easy...it's my anniversary, but my derby name was a lot tougher.  So we went to this charity event (Chuckles for Charity) and the announcer announced me as "Jenn....Just Jenn?" and everyone thought that was quite funny...so I mixed it up a bit and came up with J.J. and added the Slammin' 
When not being a derby badass, what do you do for work (company can be kept anonymous)?
     I'm a bookkeeper.  
What are your non-derby hobbies/activities/hidden talents?
     I'm an AWESOME Soccer Mom!  But aside from kid stuff, I really just enjoy hanging out with my family, watching movies, and just being me.
Which celebrity would you like to be friends with?
     Zac Efron...my daughter went through a High School Musical phase and I somehow ended up with a super crush on him.  I know totally weird, but he's not that much younger than me!  
What is something that most people don’t know, or would never guess about you?
     I am a horrible pack rat.  I have a hard time getting rid of things that might come in handy later on in life...usually they don't.  But I hate wasting things.  I'm not a "hoarders" case or anything.
What movie(s )can you watch over and over and never get sick of?
     Despicable Me, it is such a great movie and even when the kids aren't around I still watch it.  I also like Shrek, Big Hero 6, Lilo & Stich...yea I'm just a big kid honestly.
Who is your biggest fan?
     I would say my kids.  But I'm their biggest fan too.  They push me more then they know.  And when I feel like giving up they push me to continue.  I remember my daughter on the sidelines of a practice cheering me on to get my 27's and I pushed so hard...and I got my 25's to be able to bout in that very first bout, missed my 27s by 10 seconds... (yes the one I broke my ankle in) because it was a mixer I had to have 25 and her cheering for me...was all I really needed.  When I came back from injury I was scared....but my oldest son would work with me at practice while the other girls were doing pack work, I was on the side lines getting foot work down and my son would be right there in helping me and pushing me to keep going...even though he really wanted to go play with the derby kids, he was there to help me.  Maybe they aren't my biggest fan, but I am sure theirs. 
If you won an award who is the person or persons you would thank?
     I would thank God, my family, friends, teammates for their support in everything I do...Of course being as I'm not up for an award anytime in the near future...I'd say I have time to think of my "acceptance speech"  haha!