Coach Dan the Man

How long have you been coaching?
     I started bench coaching July 2016 at WyoCup, stepping up to coach for the 2018 season.
What brought you to coach the Betties?
     My wife is J.J. Slammin' and I've always helped with the Betties in one way or another. 
What's been your favorite thing/moment about coaching?
How did you come up with your derby coach name?
     My wife thinks it's hilarious.
When not being a badass coach what do you do for a living?
     I work as a CDL truck driver hauling water. 
As a coach what do you expect and thrive to have/do with your team?
What's one thing people wouldn't guess about you?
Do you have a ritual that you do on bout days? Speech, lucky socks, etc?
If someone was interested in trying Derby what's the one thing you would tell them?
As a coach, Is it all about win or lose? What's been your proudest moment?